COVID-19 statement: Nilfisk business continuity status and plans

The current COVID-19 outbreak continues to rise across the world impacting many of our customers and several markets, we operate in.

Nilfisk is an essential business providing essential products and services during the COVID-19 crisis to critical infrastructure sectors such as healthcare providers, food manufacturing and retail, production and supply. We are implementing all feasible measures across our business to continue our operations across production, sales and service.

With this statement, we want to highlight our commitment to provide our customers with solutions and services during this challenging time. This includes acting responsibly in accordance with local government guidelines, ensuring a safe working environment for all employees and continuing to support our customers.

Production and Supply:

We have implemented extensive safety measures at our production and distribution sites to secure the ongoing production and distribution of goods. This includes strict contingency plans, no external visitors at any sites as well as ongoing training of all employees on effective virus protection.

As of March 30, we have stock available on all product platforms to meet current market demand. We are seeing some delays on transportation of goods within Europe due to the imposed border controls, but goods continue to flow freely within the region. All production and distribution sites continue operations at a capacity reflecting current market demand. This includes our production sites in China, Mexico, Hungary and US as well as our distribution centers in Europe, US and China. The only exception is our production site in Italy, where we have scaled down operations following recent government instructions to close all non-critical production.

Sales and Service:

We are closely following local government recommendations for all our sites and offices as well as for our employees working in the fields. In several markets our Sales and Customer Service teams are to an increasing extent working from home as encouraged by local authorities.

However, across all markets, meetings can still be held using telephone, Skype or other digital solutions, and we can also continue to offer product demonstrations in person if this complies with local authority guidelines.

Our service teams will continue to service customers as needed and possible. All service technicians have been instructed on how to demonstrate the necessary hygiene precautions and have been instructed to call ahead prior to a service visit in case there are any customer specific guidelines, they need to be aware off.

More information:

With this statement, we want to thank our customers for continuing to place your trust in Nilfisk. We continue to keep our customers informed and will update this statement if we see significant changes in the current situation.

If you have any questions or would like to have additional information, we encourage you to reach out to your contact at Nilfisk. We will do our utmost to answer your questions and ask for your understanding in this special situation.