Nilfisk is committed being a company where Green Meets Clean. We’re leading the way in efforts to develop industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment that minimizes environmental impact and meets the latest green cleaning standards, while still reducing your costs and taking on the toughest floor cleaning applications.

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Green Meets Clean

To be a place where Green Meets Clean, we focus our product development on 3 key areas:

  • Reducing chemical and water use
  • Building long-lasting, sustainable equipment
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible cleaning processes

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Reducing Chemical and Water Use

Water and chemical use are major considerations in and Green Cleaning operations. We design and develop floor cleaning equipment with the goal of reducing water and chemical use in order to minimize the environmental impact of our machines. We’re also certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo, and EPA Design for Environment. These organizations exist to reduce the harm done by cleaning chemicals.

Reducing water and chemical use is also good for your bottom line, as it will lower your cleaning costs.

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EcoFlex™ System

The EcoFlex™ System is a cutting-edge floor cleaning technology that combines environmentally sustainable cleaning methods, the highest standards of effective cleaning and the versatility to meet any floor cleaning challenge. With the touch of a button, EcoFlex allows the operator to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning and varying degrees of detergent use, down pressure and flow rates. This adaptability results in reduced chemical and water use, lower costs and the ideal cleaning solution for your situation.

Building Sustainable Floor Cleaning Equipment

We manufacture reliable, long-lasting, easy-to-maintain floor cleaning equipment in order to reduce waste and save you money. And all of our products are developed with Green Cleaning in mind. In fact, we offer the most complete line of green floor cleaning machines in the industry. Here are some of the Green Cleaning product advancements we’ve recently made:

  • 60% of all Nilfisk-Advance product launches in 2010 featured environmental improvements
  • Ecoflex can clean with water only — 0% detergent
  • Ecoflex reduces water consumption up to 70%
  • Nilfisk EcoPads are made of 100% recycled plastic material
  • Nilfisk EcoExtreme Vacuum cleaner is 95% recyclable
  • Nilfisk EcoExtreme Vacuum cleaner engine is 2000W but only uses 1250W
  • Our patented dosage control system means using up to 50% less water and 25% less detergent
  • 25 products approved by UK Department of Environment: “Water Efficient Machinery”
  • 58 Products contribute points and supports certification to the LEED-EBOM sustainable cleaning rating system
  • 23 Products certified by Carpet and Rug Institute US, Seal of Approval – Green Label

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Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Processes

Ultimately, your cleaning processes and commitment to Green Cleaning have the greatest impact on the sustainability of your cleaning operation. Responsible cleaning processes are good for the environment, your employees and the people who use your facility, and your bottom line.

Find out how our versatile, flexible floor cleaning equipment can help you form environmentally responsible cleaning processes — How Clean is Your Green Floor Cleaning.