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Tips for implementing autonomous cleaning in your facility

Tips for implementing autonomous cleaning in your facility

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Getting better results from smarter cleaning

Autonomous cleaning solutions have the potential to improve cleaning efficiency and optimise time spent on high-volume, repetitive cleaning tasks.

To realise this potential, your autonomous cleaning program should be implemented in the best way possible. Nilfisk has compiled a list of best-practice guidelines for implementation, based on our experience installing the Liberty SC50. Keeping these tips in mind will make your switch to autonomous cleaning a positive experience for all involved.

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1. Making sure your implementation runs smoothly

Autonomous cleaning solutions already excel in certain roles, adding tremendous value, but there are still situations where these machines need an operator’s support. An autonomous machine cannot, for exam­ple, assess when extra cleaning is needed, so the machine depends on an operator’s input to make sense of the context in which they clean.

This may change over time, but for now, these machines work best in collaboration with humans. If you keep this in mind when mapping out tasks for the autonomous machine, its integration with the program will be smoother.

2. Choose your superusers with care

It is important to remember that your cleaning crew is also part of the technological revolution. Such a role is exciting, but it also requires time and patience; the right team makes a difference in successful implementation, so take the time to identify employees with the potential to become superusers.

Consider criteria like their openness to new ways of working; their propensity for curiosity and collaborative thinking; and their willingness to learn – and train others.

3. Involve stakeholders early on

When you introduce an autonomous solution, it will likely change your cleaning crew’s routines and the nature of their work. They must be prepared for this change, and be properly introduced to the new machine. Be clear on which tasks the machine will be able to carry out – and how this will free up their time for more engaging cleaning tasks.

It is also important to involve other stakeholders in the process, so they can understand how the solution works. This includes anyone working in the environment where the solu­tion operates, and you may also need to involve the facility’s IT team.

4. Schedule ongoing training

Ongoing training is vital, especially during implemen­tation. Initial training shows your team of super users how to use the solutions, while refresher training helps them grow accustomed to the solution’s multiple features and functionalities, and maximises productivity.

Training not only helps you get the maximise the effectiveness of an autonomous solution, but also prevents personnel from reverting to old cleaning processes. When you purchase a solution from Nilfisk, we support you during all training efforts, including implementation and refresher courses.

5. Adopt a better way of working

Remember that implementing an autonomous solution means adapt­ing to a new way of working — one that strengthens your cleaning operations and performance. Help your cleaning staff understand the advantages of the new approach, and how it will help them work more effectively. Encourage them to view the solution as a helper, and to adopt the best methods for using it.

With these tips in mind, get more information about the benefits of autonomous cleaning – or get more detailed information on how to successfully implement autonomous solutions.

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So if you’re ready for autonomous cleaning, the Liberty SC50 is ready for you.