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Tackle contract cleaning challenges with smart autonomous machines

Tackle contract cleaning challenges with smart autonomous machines

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Contract cleaners and facility-management providers still face two major challenges. 
We have a solution for both.

When we look at today’s contract-cleaning industry, it’s clear that two issues persist:

  • End-customers want lower prices for the same service quality – or better
  • High employee-turnover rates keep staff populated with new hires

The combination of these two challenges inevitably impacts cost and quality: new operators require time and money for onboarding and continuous training, and destabilize operations – resulting in a higher margin of error. As a result, operational costs are high, and it is difficult to guarantee consistent cleaning or high-quality services.

New technological solutions solve these challenges

This scenario is nothing new for contract cleaners, but technological advancements bring about new solutions, like autonomous machines. They can take over more mundane, repetitive tasks that were previously the responsibility of operators, and clean when, where, and how customers want.

Like robotics in other industries, these machines have improved with time – but what form have those improvements taken?

1. Sensors and artificial intelligence

As autonomous programming improves, sensors and artificial intelligence play a key role. Input from various sensors provides the information needed for machines to make smart decisions on their own.

Not only are machines capable of determining optimal paths and avoiding obstacles, but soon they will likely be able to change operational settings, such as chemical-mix and brush-pressure parameters, on the fly – all without operator intervention.

2. Improving efficiency with data

Data – and the ability to gather it – also drives autonomous innovation. Data from sensors and connectivity modules can be tracked, reported, and analyzed, allowing operators to monitor and assess a machine’s status.

Statuses include information like remaining runtime, remaining motor hours, or the number of kilometers covered with the current squeegee or brush. This allows for predictive maintenance and spare-parts management, minimizing downtime.

Game-changing capabilities

The rise of intelligent cleaning machines will be a game-changer for contract cleaners, helping them address and overcome industry challenges. Smart data-use supports productivity and lower costs, while increased machine autonomy improves operator availability. With our advanced cleaning solutions already represented on the market, Nilfisk is helping forge a path toward a revolution in commercial floorcare.

Read more about Nilfisk’s autonomous cleaning machine, the Liberty SC50, and how it bridges the gap between traditional human operation and next generation robotic autonomy.

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Learn more about the Nilfisk Liberty SC50

After years of development, testing, refinement, live beta-testing, and more refinement, it’s ready for the biggest, toughest jobs you can throw at it. In airports, schools, gymnasiums, ballrooms, and beyond, the Liberty SC50 will get the dirtiest floors clean, any time of day, with no one watching over it.

So if you’re ready for autonomous cleaning, the Liberty SC50 is ready for you.