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Solving industry challenges with autonomous cleaning solutions

Solving industry challenges with autonomous cleaning solutions


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The growing popularity of autonomous cleaning solutions is driven by three factors: ongoing commercial-cleaning challenges; the expanding capabilities of autonomous technology; and the increasing affordability of this technology.

Robots and autonomous machines are no longer limited to science fiction movies: with autonomous solutions becoming more independently capable, they are generating tremendous buzz and interest in the commercial-cleaning industry. Demand is prompted and driven by three factors:

Labour shortages

The annual staff-turnover rate in commercial cleaning is around 70%, with more jobs available than people to do them.

Autonomous solutions help resolve this challenge by handling mundane cleaning tasks, freeing up staff for more important work.

Productivity needs

Cleaning companies need to keep operational costs low – and productivity high – while still offering a high standard of clean.

Autonomous solutions offer higher efficiency compared to manual solutions, and help save resources on high-volume, repetitive tasks. They also save time, effort, and money spent on frequent training of new employees.

Affordable technology

The commercial viability of autonomous cleaning technology is increasing. Companies can now evaluate productivity gains from autonomous solutions, and estimate what a reasonable return on investment (ROI) would be.

Even as they grow more popular, innovation and improvement are still key to the autonomous-cleaning industry. To benefit from what they offer, you should implement them in the best way possible.

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