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Four key benefits to autonomous cleaning solutions

Autonomous cleaning solutions are on the rise, but what are the key benefits of adopting this new trend?

Four key benefits to autonomous cleaning solutions

Autonomous cleaning solutions are on the rise, but what are the key benefits of adopting this new trend?

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Increased productivity

The new generation of autonomous Nilfisk machines can perform high-volume, repetitive tasks for hours at a time, with no reduction in efficiency – while your team members carry out jobs requiring human dexterity.

They can also work at any hour of the day, which helps accomplish night time jobs more effectively. Extended hours enable more cleaning overall, or fewer expensive staff hours.

Improved cleaning quality

Consistency is a cornerstone of any Nilfisk autonomous solution: it will do what you tell it to, over and over again, until you tell it to stop – it requires only battery power, adequate water, and detergent.

This is beneficial where standards are important, like hospitals and healthcare environ­ments. The same applies to offices, hospitality, and other environments where cleaning is typically carried out by contract cleaners.

With built-in monitoring and reporting capabilities, it is possible to meet or exceed progress- and quality-related KPIs.

Greater simplicity

Every test conducted by Nilfisk produced the same conclusion: simpler is better. Customer research shows that a simple autonomous interface, with “PLAY”, “PAUSE,” and “STOP” buttons controlling key functions, makes a lot of sense for operators in the field.

The interface ends up more accessible, less complicated, and less demanding in terms of training.

Optimal safety

Autonomous solutions can handle very dirty or dangerous tasks, especially in factory environments or large warehouses, much more safely than personnel. Advanced sensors allow them to operate around hazards, such as drops, water, obstacles or expensive machinery – with minimal risk of collision or damage. This allows staff to be allocated to lower-risk jobs.

With these benefits in mind, you can find out how autonomous solutions can boost your business, learn more about our third-party safety certification, or take a look at Amazon’s success story by downloading our white paper, "A New Era of Cleaning."

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After years of development, testing, refinement, live beta-testing, and more refinement, it’s ready for the biggest, toughest jobs you can throw at it. In airports, schools, sports and entertainment facilities, and beyond, the Liberty SC50 will get the dirtiest floors clean, any time of day, with no one watching over it.

So if you’re ready for autonomous cleaning, the Liberty SC50 is ready for you.