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How autonomous do we want to go?

How autonomous do we want to go?

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In 2018, autonomy was already among the top three global cleaning trends according to a Nilfisk study. In fact, the study found 46% of the customers interviewed in the study have owned, used, or tried an autonomous cleaning machine.

One interesting result of our customer poll came in response to the question of how autonomous a solution should be:

  • 9%: “Assisted autonomy”
  • 14%: “Guided autonomy”
  • 45%: “Remote autonomy”
  • 32%: “Full autonomy”

Since then, development of autonomous solutions has accelerated, and we will likely see a shift toward fully-automated cleaning solutions in the coming years. This trend makes sense, and is in line with other industry shifts, since automated solutions are cost effective and can solve unique challenges faced by companies and organizations.

So, if you’re thinking about making the transition, what’s the next step? Get started with expert insight from our articles on how Nilfisk autonomous cleaning can benefit your business and how to get started with implementation of an autonomous solution

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Once you request your Liberty SC50 demo, an Intelligent Cleaning expert will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

  • STEP 1: Understanding your need. On the call, we will ask questions to help us understand your current cleaning operation, process, and ideal fit for autonomous cleaning.

  • STEP 2: Scheduling the visit. We will pick an on-site location, and reserve a 2-hour time slot that works best for your team.

  • STEP 3: Seeing the Liberty SC50 in action! Our team will bring the Liberty SC50 to your site for a live demonstration.

Learn more about the Nilfisk Liberty SC50

After years of development, testing, refinement, live beta-testing, and more refinement, it’s ready for the biggest, toughest jobs you can throw at it. In airports, schools, gymnasiums, ballrooms, and beyond, the Liberty SC50 will get the dirtiest floors clean, any time of day, with no one watching over it.

So if you’re ready for autonomous cleaning, the Liberty SC50 is ready for you.