Nilfisk Fleetlogger

Nilfisk FleetLogger

Know your fleet.Use it better.

Optimize your business

If you have a large number of machines distributed across multiple locations, FleetLogger is for you. It delivers a high data quality overview of your equipment so you can make the right decisions about intelligent cleaning operations and procurement.

Keep track of your inventory and assets. Use your fleet more effectively and save money.​

FleetLogger cut down on administration

No more paper, no more forms. Choose smarter business. Nilfisk FleetLogger gets you the information you need instantly and organizes it for an easy overview.

Fleetlogger admin

Track every machine in your fleet

When you invest in machines, you want to get the most out of them. Nilfisk FleetLogger helps you track all your equipment - even if it isn't made by Nilfisk. Once all your machines are entered into the system, your entire fleet’s information is centrally available via a web-based dashboard.


How does FleetLogger save money?

Site managers and cleaning managers log the machine in the field, using smartphones. Operations coordinators get an overview of the fleet and the condition of individual machines. Procurement managers and CEOs make the right decisions on purchases and replacements. Choose smart fleet management with the digital cleaning solution FleetLogger.


Know the status of each machine

Is a machine fully functional? Is it being used right now? Easy fleet logging means our web portal can show the status of every machine in your fleet.

Get standardized data

​High-quality information lets you make plans and projections that improve efficiency and cut costs. Nilfisk FleetLogger captures data in a standardized format.

Log machines with a phone

It’s easy for your field staff to log machine locations. All they need to do is scan a QR sticker using a smartphone. It even works on machines that aren’t “connected”.

Need assistance for getting started with FleetLogger?

(1) Getting started with FleetLogger as an admin

(2) Creating sites and loggers with FleetLogger

(3) Setting up the Fleetlogger App

(4) Log your machines using the FleetLogger App


Try FleetLogger for free
FleetLogger provide Fleet Managers with an automated overview of the machines accurate location to optimize analysis and documentation and use the fleet more effectively to advance the business. If you have a large number of machines distributed across multiple locations, FleetLogger lets you keep track of them.

Who in my organization can benefit from FleetLogger?
For the fleet manager, who oversees a fleet of machines, FleetLogger provides you with a centralized inventory overview, so that you can optimize the utilization and prevent overspending. For the field staff, who logs the machines at the facilities, you can eliminate manual tasks and focus on other tasks that bring more value.

Our fleet consists of several different brands, other than Nilfisk.
Does FleetLogger work with other brands?
Yes, FleetLogger works with any machine, regardless of the brand.
Many of my machines are not connected to the cloud system. Will they still work with FleetLogger?
Yes, FleetLogger works with any model, whether it is “connected” or not.

What does the FleetLogger system consist of?
FleetLogger consists of the app and the web portal. The app collects the machine information in the field by simply scanning the QR code placed on the machine. The web portal provides a complete machine overview, collected by the app. It also provides administrative capabilities to create sites and manage users in your organization.

Is the FleetLogger app accessible through iOS or Android?
Yes, the FleetLogger app is supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

Which web browsers can be used to access FleetLogger?
The following browsers are supported by the web portal:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Notice that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

My organization requires logging the fleet every 3 months. How can I set this up?
First, log in to your FleetLogger web portal, click on “Settings”, “Account details”, then click on the edit symbol next to your account name. You can then adjust the ‘logging frequency’ in the pop-up window.​