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Know your fleet. Use it better.

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Get your web-tool and app for easy fleet-overview via manual inventory-logging. Sign up now, and get started for free by clicking the learn more button below.

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Overview portal for Fleet Managers

FleetLogger is a versatile solution designed for fleet managers in the contract cleaning industry, and managers of larger fleets in other industries. It is an intuitive system for efficient, standardized capture of unique machine identities and accurate locations, and provides an automated overview for fleet-analysis and documentation.

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The FleetLogger App for dedicated “loggers”

A user-friendly app for gathering machine information in the field. Mount a QR-sticker, scan it, and register your machine to your fleet online. It doesn´t get any faster than this.

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Know your fleet. Use it better

Now you can get a complete overview of all your cleaning equipment – no matter what brand you use. Our new FleetLogger application is a fast, easy way to keep track of every single vacuum, scrubber, sweeper, and pressure washer in your operation – whether they’re connected devices or not – so you always know the model, age, brand, location, and status of your entire fleet.

Once your machines are entered into FleetLogger, your entire fleet’s information is centrally available via a web-based dashboard. In addition to detailed information about the type of equipment that makes up your fleet, you’ll be able to see which machines are on-site, which are functioning, and which ones aren’t. And with programmable alerts for scheduled logging audits, you know your data will always be reliable. No more manual records. No more chasing data. Just comprehensive, accurate information – accessible anytime, anywhere.


Start logging the smart way

FleetLogger requires no hardware installation, and is supported online. It helps you keep track of inventory and assets, and is an intuitive solution for efficient, standardized capture of unique machine identities and accurate locations, providing an automated overview for fleet analysis and documentation.