Contract cleaners

Top performance in a competitive market.
Impress your customers by delivering fast, efficient cleaning with reduced operational costs.

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Impress your customers and grow your cleaning business by delivering high-quality results every time

Building service contractors face more than their fair share of challenges: traditional markets (like retail) are shrinking, price pressure is pushing profits down, and employee turnover is high. The secret to winning and retaining contracts in this competitive market is to deliver high-quality cleaning results every time, to every customer.

Partnering with Nilfisk helps you do just that. By providing innovative, best-in-class equipment, Nilfisk gives you the tools you need to tackle even the toughest floor cleaning tasks. With Nilfisk on your side, you can approach every job with confidence.


Diversify your services to expand into new markets

Specialized cleaning services are the fastest-growing segment of the commercial cleaning industry. Nilfisk offers a wide range of floor cleaning equipment to support you as you diversify your services and expand into lucrative new markets, such as education and healthcare.

Examples of specialization:

  • Industrial kitchen deep cleaning
  • Outdoor maintenance and cleaning
  • Decontamination of hospitals, prisons, and hotels
  • Insurance compliant cleaning of fire exits, ducts, etc.
  • On-demand 24/7 mobile cleaning

Increase profit margins by boosting productivity and reducing operating costs

High operating costs are the enemy of healthy profit margins. For Contract Cleaning companies, labor, overuse of cleaning products, and inefficient machinery all drive operating costs up. Nilfisk’s machines feature the latest technologies so you can clean larger areas faster, reduce your water and chemical usage, and monitor your fleet to identify and eliminate inefficiencies.