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Making your goals
your own

We know that contract-cleaning and facility-management markets are defined by customer demand for value: the value of equipment, the value of services, and the value of clean. Nilfisk aims to deliver on all three, providing the means to maximise productivity – and client benefit – across the myriad segments in which our customers operate.



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Earning your clients' trust

Clean environments have a lasting impact on the effectiveness of services provided within them, and the well-being of all parties involved. As such, we believe that our customers should be empowered with the tools to execute on ambitious performance goals that result in unmatched client satisfaction. Regardless of the segment you serve, you can expect Nilfisk solutions to clean in accordance with the most stringent standards, resulting in safer, healthier, and visibly superior results.

Contract Managers favourite products

These are our top three best-selling products.


Next-gen technology in a daily-use design

Boasting one of the market’s smartest scrubber-dryer designs – if not THE smartest – the compact,
battery-operated Nilfisk SC351 is perfect for light- or medium-duty floorcare. Its high manoeuvrability is complemented by a unique rotating-deck system that allows operators to quietly scrub and dry in any direction, including under tables, shelves, and other obstacles.


Trustworthy and cost-effective floorcare

Its 61-litre tank capacity and high reliability – both short- and long-term – have made the Nilfisk SC530 an excellent walk-behind option for scrubbing and drying large floor areas. Two designs are available: traction-equipped or traction-free. The traction-equipped SC530 provides even better manoeuvrability and control while cleaning, resulting in greater productivity and precision.


General cleaning for everyday use

VP300 eco is a well built, thoroughly reliable unit that can be relied upon to do the job day in and day out. It is ideal for cleaning offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets, and similar light to medium duty applications.