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We do everything we can to make it faster and easier for you to keep your farm clean and your crops, livestock and workers healthy and safe.

So you can focus on keeping your business productive and profitable.

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The cleaner the better

Cleanliness is essential to proper sanitation and key to healthy livestock, fewer infections, savings on medication and better business results. Well-cared-for machinery lasts longer, and cleaner farms are safer.

Our extensive range of mobile equipment and fixed installations means there’s a perfect solution for every agricultural cleaning need.

We built these

All the cleaning equipment you need to quickly and efficiently clean everything from tractors to farm buildings, storage facilities, and outdoor areas. Plus a wide selection of easy-to-change task-specific accessories.


Claim a free gift when you buy a Nilfisk Industrial Pressure Washer*

Get a free Aero 21-01 wet & dry vacuum cleaner or a voucher worth up to £200 to use in store at your local Nilfisk dealer when you purchase a qualifying Nilfisk hot water or cold water pressure washer. Learn more about the Aero 21-01 vacuum here.

Nilfisk pressure washers are powerful, robust and offer optimal cleaning efficiency; just what you need to get the job done. This special offer means there has never been a better time to buy a Nilfisk Pressure Washer. 

£50 Voucher – All MC 4M-5M models
£100 Voucher – All MC 6P-8P, MH 4M-5M and/or SC UNO 4M-5M models
£150 Voucher - All MH 7P, MH8P and/or SC UNO 6P-7P-8P models
£200 Voucher - All SC DUO 6P-7P-8P models


Free Aero 21-01 - All models listed above

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Customised solutions

Get in touch with us to learn more about our customised solutions, get a no obligation consultation with a Nilfisk expert or a visit from one of our specialists, and let us help you find the Nilfisk cleaning solution for your farm.

Protect your products, people, and business

Optimise your biosecurity with the right cleaning processes

Controlling bacterial threats to your agricultural operation should always be a top priority, so your equipment – and how you use it – should be a cornerstone of good biosecurity. Potential risks may arise:

  • During transfer of animals from one area or site to another
  • From the presence of wild animals, rodents, and insects
  • From people, vehicles, and equipment – especially those arriving from other sites
  • From contaminated feed or water

Hygienic cleaning is vital to your farm’s biosecurity, and the best results are achieved by following correct, exact processes. Our wide portfolio of high-pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floorcare equipment helps you do just that, integrating into your complete bio security cleaning programme.

Pressure washers

  • Neutralise and eliminate animal waste with high water-flow and pressure levels
  • Eliminate more contaminants before disinfection with hot water from high-efficiency boilers
  • Eliminate the requirement for transporting mobile equipment from one site to another with stationary pressure-washing solutions

Floorcare & vacuum cleaners

  • Ensuring consistent indoor hygiene in offices, changing rooms and toilets, using vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and compact scrubber dryers
  • Clean and sanitise farm production or shop areas with chemical-ready steam cleaners and detergent-equipped scrubber dryers
  • Ensure dirt and debris free outdoor areas between farm buildings and in yards with efficient and easy to use sweepers


We also offer a wide range of accessories for reducing cleaning time, increasing task flexibility, and improving your biosecurity standard. Contact your Nilfisk representative to learn more.

Always here when you need us

Information about the full Nilfisk portfolio for agriculture

There’s always a Nilfisk dealer or representative nearby to provide you with the information you need to keep your farm clean. We can also answer your questions about machinery service, parts and accessories. So, if you’re keen to discover how to solve your challenges and make your cleaning processes more efficient, please contact us today.