The smallest dust
can pose the
greatest threat

The smallest
dust can pose
the greatest

The smallest dust can
pose the greatest threat

But no threat is too small for Nilfisk dust extractors

But no threat is too small for Nilfisk dust extractors

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Take a deep breath.
Nilfisk makes it safe.


Protect what matters

The lungs are just as vulnerable as any other part of the body – but their protection poses unique challenges. The most dangerous dust particles can be generated from seemingly harmless materials or processes, and can be difficult to manage because of their extremely small size. But with the right dust-extraction and filtration system in place, you can help safeguard the health of operators and future occupants.

Built with superior protection in mind, Nilfisk dust extractors are engineered to help your people breathe a little easier.

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Stay focused on the job. InfiniClean will take care of your equipment.

Nilfisk InfiniClean is a high-efficiency, continuously operating, fully automatic filter-cleaning system. Just turn on the vacuum, and the system is active! Your filter is automatically cleaned every 20 seconds during operation, so you can concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about results.

Know your dust
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Who is at risk?
Anyone working with materials that can release H-class dust should be protected.

Easy to handle and transport

All Nilfisk ATTIX models offer flexible storage solutions for tools and accessories, so operators have access to everything they need:

  • Easy attachment of tube, hose, and power cord
  • Combined hose/cable hook for quick, easy storage and transport
  • Optional toolbox-adapter plate for vacuum-top mounting
  • Quick preparation for vehicle transport
  • Optional storage box for extra filters and/or dust bags
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Nilfisk ATTIX Series

Better extraction for superior protection

Powered by superior vacuum technology, and equipped with top-grade filtration for all three dust clases, the Nilfisk ATTIX range is designed to keep your air clean, and your people safe.

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Attix 33

ATTIX 33/44

Power and efficiency in a proven design

Choose your dust extractor from either of our two ranges: the compact ATTIX 33 series, or the high-capacity ATTIX 44. Both are easy to use, equipped with innovative and powerful filtration systems, built for extensive durability, and certified for all dust-related tasks.

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Attix 44